I will be offering two progressive yoga classes this fall.  Man Up (men’s yoga) on Mondays and Level 1 Wednesday’s.  Message me for more details.  Namaste

Posted on Thursday, 26 June


"The purpose is not to force anything; it’s a natural process. From watering the plants, eventually you will get flowers and fruits. In the same way, from asanas, pranayama, japa, etc., practices regularity and increased little by little, the Kundalini automatically awakens. There is no fast or easy method; each individual has to find his own evolutionary rate." Swami Vishnudevananda. #vrschikana #yoga #yogaasana #vijnanayoga #joyatoes

Posted on Tuesday, 24 June


"It’s important to realize that relaxing is not collapsing. Relaxing is letting the weight be fluid and sink down" Orit Sen-Gupta. #padmasanaoneday #gratitudeisanattitude #yoga #yogaasana #adhomukavrksasana #padmasana #vijnanayoga #joyatoes

I’m happy to be adding another time and date to the Yoga in the Park! Starting 1st week in July Wednesday Evenings 6:00pm -7:15pm and Saturday Mornings 10:30 - 11:45! BY DONATION.

Posted on Thursday, 22 May

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"When a thorn gets into the sole of your foot, you procure a second thorn.  After taking out the first thorn with the help of the second, you throw both thorns away.  Likewise, you should procure the thorn of knowledge in order to remove the thorn of ignorance.  After destroying ignorance, you should discard both knowledge and ignorance. Then you attain Vijnana" Sri Ramakrishna

10 Week Men’s yoga progressive begins April 7th.  This is a great addition to any existing training program that you might be exploring.  Learn to put back in what you need to stay healthy, supported and strong.